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Coral Sea Cable System Complete

Published 12 December, 2019

Faster, more affordable and reliable communications infrastructure is now available to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, with construction of the CS2 and SIDN projects now complete.


Coral Sea Cable Company Directors: Keir Preedy (Solomon Islands), Lindley Edwards (Australia) and Paul Komboi (PNG)

Coral Sea Cable Company inaugural board meeting

Published 27 November, 2019

Another important milestone for the Coral Sea Cable has been met, with the newly formed Coral Sea Cable Company meeting for the first time.


A drone image showing the routing of the cable through the shallow water at the approach to the Auki landing point, prior to the final landing at Noro. (Credit: Kevin Saunders, ASN)

Solomon Islands Domestic Network Lay Completed

Published 01 November, 2019

The Solomon Islands Domestic Network lay is now complete, with the landing of the cable at Noro on 31 October 2019, followed by the final splice on 1 November 2019.


Preparing the cable for the final splice. (Credit: Vocus)

The International System Final Splice

Published 30 September, 2019

The Coral Sea Cable System between Australia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands has been completed with the final splice taking place on Friday, 27 September 2019.


Coral Sea Cable System landing “golden buoy” ceremony (Credit: DFAT/ Peter Morris – Sydney Heads)

Coral Sea Cable System lands in Sydney

Published 29 August, 2019

An important milestone in the Coral Sea Cable System has been reached – the landing of the cable in Sydney.


The cable-laying ship, Ile de Brehat, departing from a port call in White Bay Balmain. (Credit: ASN)

Coral Sea Cable to land in Sydney on Wednesday 28 August

Published 27 August, 2019

The fibre optic submarine cable linking Australia to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands is scheduled to land in Sydney this Wednesday.


The PNG Cable Landing Station is in place (Credit: Gravelroad)

Cable Landing Station arrives in PNG

Published 20 August, 2019

The PNG Cable Landing Station (CLS) arrived on site in Port Moresby to house critical equipment for the Coral Sea Cable System.


The cable laying vessel, the Ile de Brehat, stationed in the Coral Sea. The buoy marks the location of the PNG segment of the cable (Credit: Vocus)

Coral Sea Cable reaches sea depth of 4,650m

Published 30 July, 2019

The three segments of cable that make up the Coral Sea Cable System were connected on Tuesday 23 July 2019 by engineers aboard the Ile de Brehat.


Representatives from Vocus, the Australian High Commission, Honiara, SISCC and traditional landowners association with the Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sogavare during the symbolic handover of the golden bouy (Credit: DFAT)

The cable has arrived... installation has begun in Solomon Islands and PNG

Published 16 July, 2019

Exciting progress has been made as the Coral Sea Cable System touched down in Port Moresby on 29 June and Honiara on 14 July.


Vocus Communications Technical Lead, Mat Shields, undertook a quality assurance inspection for the cable loading (Credit: Vocus/ASN)

Cables on Their Way

Published 17 May, 2019

All of the cable segments of the CS² and SIDN cables have been loaded onto the marine cable lay vessel, and departed from Calais, France in April 2019.


Cable being coiled aboard the ship and a wave from the crew undertaking the load in the tank. (credit: ASN)

Bringing Submarine Cables to the Pacific

Published 16 April, 2019

Final testing and loading of the Coral Sea Cable and Solomon Islands Domestic Network Cable has been happening over the month of March.


Building a Better Future

Published 06 February, 2019

The CS² and SIDN will deliver faster, cheaper and more reliable internet to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, resulting in significant economic and development opportunities.


Mat Shields overseeing Repeater Testing at ASN manufacturing plant.

Second Factory Acceptance Test Visit

Published 12 January, 2019

In the second of a series of planned visits, Mat Shields visited ASN’s manufacturing plants in Greenwich, England.


Cable Armouring Line at ASN manufacturing plant.

First Factory Acceptance Test Visit

Published 18 December, 2018

Mat Shields, Vocus Communications Technical Lead for the CS² project, visited ASN’s manufacturing plants to undertake a series of quality assurance and manufacturing progress assessments.


Collin Beck (High Commissioner Solomon Islands), Leo Oaeke (Consul PNG), Steven Onley (ASN), Sara Goldsworthy (DFAT), Victoria Oaeke (wife of Consul PNG) & Walter Diamana (Deputy High Commissioner Solomon Islands), looking at a map for the proposed path of CS².

Marine Survey Underway - Honiara, Port Moresby and Sydney

Published 01 November, 2018

Rapid progress is being made on the CS² and SIDN over the past month, with marine survey vessels having docked in Sydney, Honiara and Port Moresby.


Pictured: Michael Ackland, Vocus Head of Corporate Development; Peter O’Neill CMG MP, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea; Malcolm Turnbull MP, the Prime Minister of Australia; Rick Houenipwela MP, the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands; and Bob Mansfield AO, Vocus Chairman. Photography: Penny Bradfield, Auspic/DPS

Australia, PNG & Solomon Islands sign Trilateral MoU

Published 11 July, 2018

Australia, PNG and Solomon Islands sign a Memorandum of Understanding relating to funding for the Coral Sea Cable System (CS²) and domestic network in Solomon Islands.


Solomon Islands Prime Minister Visit 2018

Published 13 June, 2018

Prime Minister of Solomon Islands The Honourable Rick Houenipwela MP witnessed the signing of the agreement between Australia and Solomon Islands for the delivery of the CS² and SIDN networks.


Maximising submarine cable performance

Published 22 February, 2018

Submarine line terminating equipment is the most important technology in an international cable network like the CS², and is also the part of cable technology that sees the most change over time.


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